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Writer's Room

The Writer's Room

WRITERS, this is a community created just for you!

A safe space to open yourself, bare yourself, share your private mental space, the weird stuff, open your veins, and spill it out on another writer's work.

Come to develop ideas, gain/offer constructive feedback, build character development skills, review script structure, and overall insight on your work and the industry. We need people who are relentless to the craft. The novice, the academic, the experienced, and anyone in between are welcomed. We need you in the writer's room. Not only for your work but for the betterment of Atlanta script writing.

PRODUCERS, this a room created just for your projects!

Maybe you've heard the script at a table read and thought, "that was good" - it could be better, but you shoot the project anyway. Here's the thing, a table read with actors is great to understand the flow and ensure you've cast appropriately. However, a table read with writers...well now you're getting to the craft of storytelling. Does a line sound too on-the-nose? How's your subtext? Foreshadowing okay? Does the character's action or dialogue match the character traits? These are all areas where writers (a group of writers) enhance your project.

Try it, email us to schedule consultation today!

Please text or email us that you're coming.

text: 678-744-7225

email: [email protected]


Two Classes:

Every Tuesday: Fade-In

Great for beginners, transitioning prose writers, first-time scriptwriters, or any individual desiring to learn more about the craft. This introductory course reviews script terminology, format, structure, and basics of storytelling.

Every Thursday: Intermediate & Advanced

Must have written at least 3 scripts to enter this class. Thursday is fast paced and geared towards writers on writing assignments or desire to get their script into selling shape. 


Writer's Room - Monthly Membership

Monthly membership fees include:

-Weekly industry updates.

-Weekly script lesson.

-Writer's Room verbal feedback on the first 10 - 45 pages of your script.*

-Access to professional office space up to 3 times per week.

-Discount entry to Pitch Fest.

-Depending on writer's level of experience, writing assignments from Bridge 17.

-Cancel at any time, nonrefundable.

*Send scripts without the title page to [email protected] the Sunday prior to class.



Drop in any class.

*Drop-in does not include membership benefits.