we must write. we must document. we must entertain.

"Great screenwriting is never heard, never read, it's felt." - AZ Yeamen


Idea to Print. Story to Life.

Bridge 17 Scriptwriters' Studio was created by AZ Yeamen, Executive Director and Founder of CCA Awards the only independent screenwriting awards show in Atlanta, GA, Bridge 17 is a community created for writers to learn, collaborate, and network with producers and writers offering Writer's Room style classes, Scriptwriter for Hire Services, Producer Story Creation, Story Prep, Production Services through our production partner Laconic Productions  and a host of other writing services.

Welcome to Bridge 17 #b17.

Head Writer

Idea to Print. Story to Life.

AZ Yeamen


As a writer, AZ believes her job is not only to document history, but to be a penetrating voice in the midst of history. Under her new company Bridge 17, AZ's mission is to bridge the gap between producers and writers, providing them with the tools and structure to get their stories told.

The beauty of Bridge 17 is collaboration with brilliant minds.

Everybody's got a story to tell, but everyone's not a storyteller.

~Danielle C. Dunn

Welcome to the Bridge.

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